Technical Seminars with Mr and Mrs Swain

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Upcoming Technical Seminars

Mr and Mrs Swain will be delivering two technical seminars this week; hot off the back of their successes at the ITF European Championships, and the Holland Cup,  At the European Championships they won Bronze in Traditional Sparring, and Silvers in their respective Individual Patterns categories; at the Holland Cup they won Gold in Traditional Sparring as well as Silver for Mr Swain and Gold for Mrs Swain in Individual Patterns.  Mr Swain’s final was a repeat of the European Championship final where he took on Mr Doulay of France (4x European Champion); and Mrs Swain’s final was against the reigning World Champion Miss Figueroa of USA.  They were both asked to compete in the International Team event on day 2 of the Holland Cup, in teams full of European and World Champions, and won their respective matches.

As well as competing they have received a lot of feedback from a number of international umpires and coaches at both competitions, and even spent two hours training with top English, Irish and Dutch competitors and umpires after the Holland Cup.  This all builds on the extensive experience and knowledge they have built up through many competitions and seminars with Masters and Grand Masters from around the World.

They are ready to share this information with you this week! If you haven’t booked your place already make sure you do so as soon as possible.

The seminars will focus on the technical syllabus (which may include line work, patterns, traditional kicking, set sparring, power testing) and cost £20 for a PUMA student (£15 for subsequent family members).  Non-PUMA students are also welcome at £25/£20 per student.


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