PUMA Day 2018 Review

by | Sep 23, 2018 | PUMA Day | 0 comments

Written by Louise Richardson

P.U.M.A. Day 2018 from the perspective of a parent was very successful. I have 2 children that attended the day this year and there were lots of different types of Seminars available. From Anti bullying and Self defence to 1 step sparring techniques. With gradings coming up in the autumn, it was a really good idea to have the seminar about Korean terminology as this is something that is sometimes left to the last minute to be looked at. Looking at it in a large group meant that people got a better understanding of it all. It was very busy this year and the atmosphere was always flowing and exciting.

Little PUMA’s enjoyed the bouncy castle to keep them entertained throughout the afternoon once their sessions had finished. Which meant other family members could still train whilst their Little PUMA’s were still amused. With the weather being nice some of the Seminars were held outside which meant there was more space in the hall. Having the kicking Competition advertising the squad sessions really brought out the competitive spirit in everyone and no one wanted their target to be beaten so kept going back for more.

PUMA Day is a great way for people to try new experiences and build on their confidences with it still being fun and enjoyable for all age groups

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