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Winter Camp 2018 Report

by Caron Chipperfield on 16/11/2018 in PUMA News | Winter Camp

Written by Ms Caron Chipperfield (4th Degree, Yate)

Ms Chipperfield kicking at Winter Camp

For those of you who don’t do summer camp or are just not an “outdoorsy” person then this may be for you.

We got to Warmwell Holiday Park (me and Pearl) at around 9.00pm as we had to teach a little earlier so therefore missed the welcome meeting... so excited as we turned the corner into the park. We unloaded our huge cases into the chalet and settled in, knowing we had an early start the next morning 7.30! [The welcome meeting is a chance to introduce yourself and meet the other campers; as well as covering training times for the weekend, followed by a bit of socialising.]

As we looked out the morning it was a bit drizzly... soooo waterproofs on, trainers and cap... Down on the sports court most people were warming up, there were lots of hugs and smiles as we all know each other through taekwondo through the years; and met some new people too. Master Gayle started the session with some patterns and some kicking drills, then Mr Lammin sent up his drone for some aerial shots... There is always lots of fun at camp, learning too, but everyone has a smiley face and lots of camaraderie. By the way, it’s a good idea to do some pre-camp fitness otherwise you are going to have some very achey legs!

At 11 oclock me and Pearl held a coffee morning (going to be a regular thing now). So much cake and frothy espressos and we managed to raise £165 for one of our P.U.M.A. charities, everyone was so generous.

The afternoon session (taught by Master Gayle and Master Ogborne) was in a school gym in Dorchester, a few of us got there a little earlier to go through some patterns. Don’t forget, we have a few champs in our presence and they are only too happy to teach... it was noticeable that there was a lack of coloured belts at camp this year which is a shame and we're all hoping with a little extra promoting this will change. So 2 hours of patterns, set sparring and lots of photos at the end of the session. [Camps really are for everyone. For colour belts in particular there will be lots to learn, new people to meet and many experienced black belts on hand more than happy to help. It will really accelerate you TKD or KB journey!]

Next day another early morning start at 7.30 with a little rain, went through some patterns and some fitness then a few games of 5-aside footy against the instructors... at one point a few of the girls decided to intervene from the side lines and poor Mr Pixton was manhandled to the ground, holding on to him so he couldn’t score any more goals, it was so funny and he’s such a good sport.

The afternoon session was again in the hall in Dorchester. After a warm up there was some practice of 4-corner block against foam swords, and then point-stop sword fighting in small groups – all led by Master Ogborne. We were then split into 4 groups with 4 instructors teaching for about 15 minutes:

  • Mr Lammin covered board breaking
  • Mr Tettmar covered semi free sparring
  • Mr Pixton taught some drills with battons
  • Mr Evans explained how to use the bodies smaller muscles to generate power in punches

This is only a brief report of winter camp, but to be there amongst similar like-minded people is wonderful and you can develop the most special friendships... that’s why I call it my Taekwon-Do family.

You meet lots of characters you would only ever say "hi" too, and everyone has a story, some really moving ones… and now you know them a little better it bonds you along with your love of this Korean Martial Art.

Thank you very much to Master Gayle and Master Ogborne for organising and running another fantastic Winter Camp. Thank you to the senior grades for giving their time and sharing their knowledge, and also thank you to everyone who came and made Winter Camp what it was!

More pictures from the weekend can be found in this P.U.M.A. Facebook Album.

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