P.U.M.A. British Championships 2018

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By Mr Adam Swain (4th Degree. Student of Bournemouth and instructor in Totton and Fareham)

On Sunday 18th November 315 competitors, and 60 or so officials arrived at the Oasis Leisure Centre in Swindon for the 2018 P.U.M.A. British Championships.

My personal view

I was at the British Championships in 3 different roles – a Referee, a Competitor and an Instructor.  As an Instructor it is a great feeling to have students attending competitions, as I know how much value it can add to their Taekwon-Do journey. Unfortunately I don’t get to see much of their performances first hand (unless I am lucky enough to have them competing on my ring) but I do my best to check on them when I can and their smiles and stories are brilliant – pictures and videos taken by parents are a great help too!

As a Referee I have the opportunity to get to know new people who I’m working with and share knowledge and experiences.  It’s also a way of trying to repay P.U.M.A. for the many opportunities I’ve had as a competitor, while encouraging the next generation of competitors.

I am continually impressed by the standard of the black belts I am competing with and against – pushing me onwards, as I don’t like to lose!  I would really encourage any colour belt to stay around and watch the black belts competing – we have some impressive talents within P.U.M.A., including ITF-England squad members and World / European medallists!  And I’m very pleased to say that, through competitions and training, I consider many of them friends.

If you want more from your martial arts journey (whatever your discipline) competitions are a great place to look.  If you want more from your competitions the next step is P.U.M.A. Squad (Sunday 2nd December for the next one!)

The Day

This edition was one of the largest domestic P.U.M.A. competitions for a while, which is great to see, and ran smoothly throughout. Musical Patterns, Bo-Staff patterns and Little P.U.M.A.s, got the day off to an energetic start.  These were followed by High Kick, TKD Patterns, Sparring, Kickboxing drills, and Destruction; for colour belts, black belts, juniors, adults and veterans! 

Throughout the day Master Gayle and Master Ogborne kept competitors at ease and chatted with parents and spectators, Master Little P.U.M.A made an appearance towards the end of the Little P.U.M.A. events and helped Master Ogborne choose the winners of the “quick draw” competition.  There were many smiles throughout the day; and regardless of medals earned everyone should be able to take away good memories and valuable experiences.

The P.U.M.A. school league table is currently being updated and will be sent to instructors soon.  In the mean time, here is the breakdown of entries…  If you weren’t there this time look out for the English Championships next year, you could earn your school valuable points for the league table!!  Pictures from the day can be found on the P.U.M.A. Facebook Page.

Senior Male2734 
Senior Female1226 
Junior Male2686 
Junior Female1155 


Thanks to…

  • Master Gayle and Master Ogborne for arranging the event
  • Mr McLaren and Miss Elise; P.U.M.A.s Senior Competition Officials, for organising and supporting the officials
  • Mr Evans and Miss Bell for sorting the draws and the schedule for the day
  • Ms Chipperfield and Ms Gayle for providing the Officials lunch (and always having a smile on their faces!)
  • Mr Warburton for leading the Little P.U.M.A. competition events
  • All those Referees, Umpires and Helpers who gave up their time to support the day and ensure in ran smoothly

And, most importantly, thank you to all the competitors, friends and family members for attending and making this the largest P.U.M.A. domestic competition for some time!  It is wonderful to see so many people competing with the right spirit – being focused and competitive on the ring, but then friendly and welcoming off it. P.U.M.A. really is a fantastic organisation to be part of!

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