Technical Seminar Report

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Written by Miss Izzy Hodson (1st Degree, Oxfordshire Taekwon-Do)

The Swain’s technical seminar, hosted by Oxfordshire TKD, started with a different kind of warm up, exercising both our brains and our bodies.  They threw in lots of brain teasers to make sure we were all awake! 

The main focus of the seminar was sine wave.  To help us practice it correctly, Mr and Mrs Swain broke it down into stages and gradually put it all back together.  This helped ensure we all had the right down, up, down phase <and were using the correct leg, at the correct time, to generate the sine wave>.   I found this part of the training really helpful as it is such a huge part of pattern and line work, there were definitely lots of tips and tricks to be taken away. 

Towards the end of the 2 hours, Mr Swain showed the group a very different way of practicing free style three-step sparring.  Instead of performing three of the same techniques attacking and defending, the attacker could choose any three attacks moving forwards.  It was then up to the defender to work out what block they could use that would work best.  This was a very good way to make you think on your feet, it also helped you come up with different blocking ideas instead of using the same each time. 

As the seminar drew to a close, they finished the session with stretching and any questions. 

I absolutely love learning from Mr and Mrs Swain as they have so much knowledge to share and do so in very creative ways!  I would recommend coming along to one of their technical seminars in the future, no matter what grade, there is so much to learn. 

If you wish you were there, keep an eye out for your opportunity to train with Mr and Mrs Swain in 2019!

[EDIT] A selection of photographs from the day can be found in this Facebook album.

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