Skill Striker Fight Night

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Written by Mr Phil Whitlock (4th Degree from Yate)

On Saturday the 8th of November Epic Martial Arts put on a very special show case in Portishead, North Bristol. A fight night consisting of an array of talent from the ITF Taekwon-do and point style kickboxing arenas.

Not too dissimilar to a PUMA fight night, the ring was a matted area, with continuous kickboxing style points rules, with a few modifications to keep the action flowing, over 3 x 1.5 minute rounds with the 2 title fights being 3 x 2 minute rounds.

There as an afternoon show for juniors to compete and get some valuable experience in front of an audience. Which apparently went off without a hitch. But it was now 7.30 pm and we were ready for the evening showcase.

The ring was on a raised stage meaning everybody had a great view. It kicked off with 2 ladies displaying some fantastic kicking ability and some strong blitz’s. With the away fighter getting the decision. Setting a precedent that there was going to be no favouritism shown towards the home fighters. They had to earn the wins!

The card had some amazing match ups. Some of which were Taekwon-do vs kickboxing, some were TKD vs TKD and some were both kickboxing fighters. It made for some very different stylised and entertaining bouts. But the time had come for PUMA’s very own Thomas ‘the breadwinner’ Warburton, to don the mats. A young and skilful Mr Warburton was against a much older, very experienced fighter. But with class, grit and determination. When that final bell rang, I had no doubt we would be taking home the much desired win.. and we got it! Well done Mr Warburton. A classy performance against a classy opponent.

After some more action, we came to the co-main event which saw an all kickboxing fight with Bristol’s own Ros Wilson taking home the first title belt on the offer that night. With great foot work, and strong punching she out manoeuvred and out muscled her much leggier, taller opponent.

The night wrapped up with ITF TKD’s very own multiple World Champion Mr Adam Shelley from Ireland take on David Higgins who is also a kickboxing world champion in his own right. A very close and well fought match, that saw a lot of skilful boxing from Mr Shelley, as well as some spectacular kicks, edged him the win to take the second and final title belt on the line that night home to Ireland.

An honourable mention has to go to Elliot Allen, another Taekwon-do fighter under Mr Jamaine Hemmings of Master Wolf’s Taekwon-do Academies. Who put on an amazing display against a current kickboxing world champion. Who at the end of the night threw down the gauntlet and has challenged Mr Shelley to defend his belt against him at the next Skill Striker.

It really was a great night, the production and running of the show was professional and smooth as it always is coming from Gio Marchese and Epic. I personally can’t wait to see the next one, and would encourage any combat sports fans and martial artists to come and watch some world class fights with me next time. And maybe we can get some more PUMA fighters on the mats alongside Mr Warburton as well.

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