Jang Bong Seminar- 23rd February 2019

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By Mrs Karen Jones-McMullen (3rd Degree)

After being a practitioner in Taekwondo for 19 years I saw the Jang Bong seminar advertised and thought I would go along to experience something new and broaden my knowledge in a totally new area for me. The Jang Bong, also called a Bo Staff, is a long, traditionally wooden staff used in the orient.

The seminar consisted of a warm up utilising the Bo Staff in a fun but functional way and learning a few fundamental techniques. Then we split into groups of different levels, to learn what we needed to do for our next grading which we had the option of doing on the same day. We practiced line work and patterns and basics, whilst learning about the Bo Staff and its history. We then had time to practise before completing the grading in from of Master Ogborne.

After the grading we were sent off with a higher grade to be taught what we will need to practice at home, to prepare for our next level grading and seminar. The nice thing is if you don’t feel you’re completely ready to grade at the seminar, there is no pressure and you can have fun with other students, practicing and learning. At the end of the day we put into practice some skills for sparring with the Bo Staff in small groups and watching some of the higher students show their skills for their up and coming black belt gradings which was inspirational.

On a personal level, I have had quite a stressful 18 months and wanted to do something for myself, on a mission for self-improvement. The class was set out well and very welcoming. You learn about the Bo Staff in depth, in a practical and fun way. What I will do now is take the knowledge I have gained, (especially after my recent seminar passing level 2) and develop in my own time and with my own commitment, by practising at home. There’s a good network between students’ knowledge to help you along the way even when training at home. One of the benefits is that I can switch off from a hectic recent career change and take some ‘Me’ time to zone out with my Bo Staff whenever I want to. Aiming to improve by putting in lots of effort between now and the next seminar. I recommend students to at least have a go and have some fun. I’m sure you will always take something away with you that you’ve learnt and won’t be disappointed.

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