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PUMA Red and Black Belt Training – 17th March 2019 [Review]

by John Francis on 30/03/2019 in CPD Red and BB Training | PUMA News

Mr John Francis (Royal Wootton Bassett) has given us a quick write up on the most recent PUMA Red and Black belt training session on 17 March.

By Mr John Francis (3rd Degree - Royal Wootton Bassett)

Once again the Red and Black Belt Training session was very well attended. The first hour was led by Master Gayle who covered a mixture of technical line work, kicking routines and some patterns. We practised the kicking routines with a partner building the difficulty up in stages. The final stage was a 360-degree turn immediately followed by a step up side kick off the front leg. Trying to get the routine to flow and be smooth was the hardest part; especially as you just wanted to throw a turning kick after the 360-degree turn! 

There is a £20 prize (£10 each from Master Gayle and Master Ogborne) for the first person to land the combination in a competition verified by two independent witnesses. Will anyone manage it in the upcoming point-stop competition? <Edit: There was no verified attempt, so the money is still up for grabs!>

Master Ogborne led the second hour with a focus on point stop sparring. This is a skill often overlooked by senior grades, but a good chance to practice ahead of the point-stop competition. We were working in groups of four which gave us the opportunity to practice judging point stop as well as sparring a bit more competitively. The key to successful point-stop sparring seemed to be speed!

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