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PUMA Competition Officials Course [Review]

by Ken Critcher on 02/04/2019 in CPD - Referee and Umpire

Mr Critcher has given us his view of his experience at the recent competition officials course.

Written by Mr Ken Critcher (1st Degree - Reading)

Saturday 30th March was the trainee referees and umpires course held at Yate Academy and taken by Ms Elise and Mr McLaren. A real mix of young, old, squad members and 1st through to 3rd Degree Black Belts. WOW - who ever said that umpiring and refereeing was easy?! It took me back to some of my first white belt lessons years ago when the hands and feet couldn't coordinate properly and I looked like a puppet out of Thunderbirds!! Not sure what happened to my normally loud voice but that also seemed to allude me.

There were 3 other trainee referees and about 12 trainee umpires all learning new skills so that PUMA can continue to put on quality competitions with top quality officials.

There was so much packed into the 5 hours. The split of knowledge share and practical application was spot on. Everyone got the opportunity to implement what had been discussed, in a very friendly fun environment. There was also plenty of laughter - you even laughed at yourself!! That said, everyone learnt a huge amount and are looking forward to putting their newly acquired skills into practice at the next tournament.

If you're looking to develop you Taekwon Do knowledge; challenge yourself with new skills; make new friends and step outside your comfort zone then learning to become a qualified referee or umpire will certainly do that.

I'm certainly looking forward to the challenges of putting my new found skills into practice. I know that with the quality of referees within PUMA I will get all the help and guidance I need to succeed. Thank you PUMA for putting on such a brilliant event and hope that loads more individuals will sign up for the next round of training and make our tournaments even more successful.

A great day!!

[Edit: Remember, refresher courses are free to anyone who has been on the course before]

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