PUMA Red and Black Belt Training – 27th April 2019 [Review]

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By Mr Derek Skidmore (4th Degree – DES TKD)

Another great turn out at Yate International Academy for Red & Black Belt Training with the Masters. 

There were many red belts which was great to see, especially our junior members,taking the opportunity to train along side some of our senior Degree grades. 

A fantastic session comprising of an awesome and tough warm up. This was followed by fitness, kicking, technical and patterns. The main highlight for me was practising patterns along side Jenny and Adam Swain – thank you both. 

The highlight for most I think would of been the jumping kicks which were thoroughly enjoyed by everyone there (note to self, I must remember I’m not 19 anymore).

After a short break, we were put through our paces by Master Ogborne with some great point stop sparring, which was a perfect end to a brilliant session. 

Big thank you to Masters Gayle and Master Ogborne for a fantastic session, already looking forward to the next one. 

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  • Junior Championships (9th June)

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