PUMA Squad at the Holland Cup

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Twenty competitors from P.U.M.A. will be travelling to Delft, The Netherlands on Friday 24th May to compete at the tenth edition of the Holland Cup. The squad includes a number of students travelling for their first international competition and will be the biggest team P.U.M.A. has sent abroad for a competition in a number of years. Throughout the team we have people entered into Patterns, Team Patterns, Traditional Sparring, Individual Sparring, Open-weight Sparring and Power.

As well as the competitors and coaching team, there are 30 spectators travelling to support the squad; which should help to make a fantastic atmosphere! The competition is held over two days, with blue belts and above on the Saturday, blue stripes and below on the Sunday. On Sunday morning there is also an international team event! Keep an eye on the P.U.M.A. Facebook Page for details of live streams.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank the coaches (Mr Lammin, Mrs McColl, Mr Pixton and Mr Whitlock) for their hard work in preparing the team for next weekend. And we would like to wish the whole team safe travels and a memorable event. Win or lose there is always something to learn and something to make you better. Rely on your training, leave it all on the mats, and most importantly compete with the P.U.M.A. Spirit!

If you’d like to join the P.U.M.A. Squad for a future competition the first step is attending squad training sessions, which are open to everyone. For more details email Mr Lammin on squad@puma-uk.com or check out the events on the P.U.M.A. Facebook page. The next squad session is 23rd June!

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