Holland Cup 2019 – Saturday 25th May 2019 [Review]

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Holland Cup 2019    

The PUMA Squad have just returned from another successful trip to the 2019 Holland Cup.  This was the 10th edition of the Holland Cup and PUMA has attended everyone.  A large group travelled this year, 20 competitors, 3 coaches and 28 spectators with a number of new faces making their first trip with the squad.  Despite having a relatively inexperienced squad there was a great deal of success for PUMA members resulting in 14 medals over the weekend:

6 Gold

  • Adam and Jenny Swain: Pre-Arranged Sparring
  • Jenny Swain: Patterns
  • Amelia Richardson: Sparring
  • Thomas Warburton: Sparring
  • Gabriel Farrell: Patterns and Chon-Ji Challenge

4 Silver

  • Team Patterns (Isobel Hodson, Juliette Remillat-Scarpa, Thomas Warburton, Adam and Jenny Swain)
  • Rowan Graham: Sparring
  • Chris Ashford: Patterns and Sparring

4 Bronze

  • Daniel Mezes: Patterns
  • Amelia Richardson: Patterns
  • Isobel Hodson: Patterns
  • Sam Gould: Sparring

It’s always nice to medal at tournaments but for the coaching team it’s the level of performance and not the winning that’s the most important thing.  In addition to the medallists listed above there were many other excellent performances including a number who just missed out on medals.  A special mention to Oliver Molnar, competing as part of the squad for the first time, who was part of an all PUMA final in the Chon-Ji challenge where he narrowly lost 3 – 2 to Gabriel Farrell in a category of almost 80 people split over 4 rings!

Congratulations to Thomas Warburton who was also invited to be part of the international team event on the second day of the event.  His original opponent had to withdraw due to injury and so Tom was asked to compete against a 3rd Degree adult from Kazakhstan instead and gave a great showing.

I would like to give a massive thank you to all the parents/spectators who attended for your support not just at the event but also over the previous months and years.  Without the continued support of each and everyone of you the results achieved would not be possible.  I would like to thank Mr. Whitlock and Mrs. McColl for all of their hard work over the weekend and in the build up, as well as Mrs. Swain who helped with ring coaching over the weekend.  Also, thanks to Mr. Adam Swain who umpired for many hours after he had finished competing.  Despite a limited amount of experience umpiring at this level he was centre refereeing on the central podium ring by the end of the day which shows what a great job he did.

Sadly, this was Mrs. McColl’s last coaching trip with the PUMA Squad and so I would like to save the biggest thank you for her.  She joined the coaching team late in 2008 and has been an ever present member for over 10 years.  Coaching involves a huge amount of personal sacrifice, both time and financial.  Mrs. McColl has been a very big part of everything that the PUMA Squad has achieved over the past 10 years.  Not only has she been a fantastic asset as a coach but also as a physio patching more members of the team up than I (and she) would care to remember.  Over this time we have seen PUMA Squad members medal at World Championships, European Championships and World Cups as well as countless events like the Holland Cup which would not have been possible without her.  I know that the entire team will miss her, as will I.

Finally, I would also like to give another mention to Mr. Adam Swain.  Mr. Swain has been the PUMA Men’s captain since I took over as head coach, almost exact 10 years but this was his last tournament as a competitor.  He has achieved a huge amount as a competitor culminating with the 2018 European Championships where he won silver in individual patterns and 2 bronzes (pre-arranged sparring and team sparring).  Aside from a huge amount of silverware Mr. Swain has played a huge part in the squad’s success in many other ways and, just like Mrs. McColl, he will be sorely missed.  The good news is that he will be part of the PUMA coaching team going forward where his experience in a number of disciplines will mean that he will still be a valued member of the squad in this new role.

Mr. Daniel Lammin VI Degree

P.U.M.A. Squad Coach

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