P.U.M.A. International Open – 8th February 2020 [Final Deadline]

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Final reminder that the registration for the tournament is now open located here. But please hurry, we are limiting it to 400 spaces this year and the deadline closes on 31st January 2020. This is tomorrow!

The hard work behind the scenes continues. There are many new additions to the P.U.M.A. International Open website including a FAQ section and a selection of updates to the rules. Here is some additional information that has been released recently:

Dress Code:

In accordance to Section 1.3 of the rules:

  • Officials are required to wear: white or black gym shoes; navy blue/black trousers or below the knee skirt; a white shirt/blouse with their organisations tie. Blazers may be worn with shirts/blouses.
  • Coaches must wear tracksuit bottoms with a t-shirt and gym shoes, tracksuit jackets optional.
  • Competitors wear organisations dobok and appropriate belt.
  • Medal ceremonies with dobok or a tracksuit jacket worn.

Protecting The Environment:

Please may we remind you all to bring reusable drinks bottles and coffee cups/flasks to our event. There is a water fountain, at the venue as well as a variety of hot drink options. We will not be providing plastic bottles or disposable cups at the PUMA International Open.

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