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International Open Class By Swain Taekwon-Do - 26th April 2020 [Review]

by Adam Swain on 06/05/2020 in PUMA News | PUMA Seminars

On Saturday 25th April, Mr and Mrs Swain taught an international seminar through Zoom.  They were joined by people from 6 countries. Please find the full review and write up from Mr Swain here.

Please find below, a write up from Swain Taekwon-Do; who were invited to teach online to an international set of students. 

Written Mr Adam Swain IV

On Saturday 25 th April Mrs Swain and I taught an international seminar through Zoom.  We had been asked to teach a session by Christian Oriolani and Silvia Farigu (competitors, instructors and our friends based in Italy) having joined in a couple of their classes the previous weeks.

Sabums Farigu and Oriolani had promoted the session to their students and through their social media for the week and we were blown away by the response.  There were around 40-50 people training from 6 countries (England, Italy, Spain, France, Canada and Japan (where it was 2am!)) as well as a 7 th Degree National Team Coach from Italy!  And we thought we were nervous about delivering a good session before joining the Zoom meeting!!!

We started off with Mrs S taking the participants through a quick warm up before I took over with some strength and mobility work influenced (ie shamelessly stolen) from Mr Evans’ seminars – the crocodile walks were new to everyone. Mrs S tagged back in to cover some basic technical Taekwon-Do and some ideas on how to practice before I went through some stretching to cool off.

The evening finished with a short Q & A where we felt massively out of our depth as questions were being asked in Italian then translated into Spanish and English for us to answer and it going back to Italian and Spanish!  I think our favourite question was “how much tea do you drink in a day?”, it’s definitely the first time I’ve been asked it – and highlighted the fact I’m no true Englishman and should move to Italy because I prefer to drink coffee.

It was great to share the experience with some other PUMA members who joined the session – thank you for your support! I’d encourage everyone who is able to make the most of the opportunities a near-global lockdown is presenting. There are lots of very experienced Taekwon-Doin and other martial artists around the world giving seminars for free – you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own lounge! All you need to do is take that first step and ask if you can join (or log into the Facebook/Instagram live etc); after discussing with your instructor.

As a final note – please continue to look after yourselves and those around you; keeping your minds and bodies active will help you come out the other side of this with a smile.

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