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PUMA Instructor Training [Review]

by Ken Critcher on 12/05/2020 in Seminar Technical

PUMA instructors kept up their own training despite lockdown with a session led by one of PUMAs technical committee members on Saturday 9th May

On Saturday 9th May a group of PUMA Taekwon-Do instructors met up (over Zoom) for a short session taught by Mr Swain (part of PUMAs Technical Committee) for a short seminar.  Mr Critcher, one of PUMA's newer instructors, gives his view of the session.

I attended the instructor technical session hosted by Mr Swain. A really informative, interactive session on the different types of motion (natural, connecting, fast, etc). Not only did Mr Swain impart his huge knowledge but there was also input from other senior instructors within PUMA.

As a "junior" instructor (in terms of training years) there were a couple of little nuggets that I picked up that helped my own technique.

  • The first was on the reverse turning hooking kick - one where I wasn't getting the top half of the body round quick enough to perform the kick correctly - THANK YOU.
  • The second and one I put into practice with some of the students Saturday afternoon was the timing between moves of patterns. Rather than pausing when performing a move, move after tensing upon completion. I trailed this myself after the session and as was said, it gives you a far better workout and you also perform the pattern quicker (but not rushed!!)

Just these nuggets alone gave me great value from the session. I would highly recommend these sessions to fellow instructors.

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