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Online squad 24 May [Review]

by Adam Swain on 01/06/2020 in PUMA Squad Sessions

Mr Swain (4th Degree, Bournemouth TKD)

On Sunday 24th May we had our second PUMA squad training session on Zoom, and it was great to see so many people logged on to train. From memory we had around 50 connections (of 100 available) so there is plenty of room for more. As a coaching team we are planning the next session (speak to your instructor for details) and I think lockdown gives a fantastic opportunity to experience a squad session without having to travel or feel out of place - you can take any squad session at your own pace, but even more so when you're training in your garden or lounge!  It has been nice to have some fresh faces taking part, and I really hope you're enjoying the experience and we see you at a squad session in person when they are up and running again.

At the start of the sessions we split the group to look at grade related patterns and technique in more detail using Zoom's 'breakout room' feature for around 30 minutes (after a few technical details). After the we joined back together as one group for Mr Lammin to run through some sparring drills, then I went through some power test/breaking training tips for competition or grading. Mr Whitlock then helped everyone earn a Sunday lunch with some fitness work on a warm Sunday morning! We finished the session with a short discussion on sports psychology, or the mental side of performing and preparing for an event (applicable to competing or grading or even helping out at demonstrations!).

If you were at the session and have any feedback we as coaches would be very keen to hear it - either directly, through your instructors or Mrs Swain and Mr Colman-Roberts as team captains. (I know Mrs S and I are married, but she will keep things in confidence if requested). If you weren't at the session I'd really encourage you to give the next one a go - worst case scenario you've practised some patterns and burnt some calories; best case scenario you catch the squad bug and represent PUMA overseas at competition!

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