PUMA Online Squad [14/6/20]

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The third online PUMA Squad training session will be held on Sunday 14th June from 10am.  Joining instructions for the meeting will be sent out to instructors and the PUMA Squad mailing list shortly.

These online sessions are a great opportunity for you to experience what squad sessions are like from the comfort of your own home and without the need to travel. Squad sessions are open to all Taekwon-Do and Kickboxing students; not just those who are looking to compete.

We will be using break-out rooms for the technical part of the session, so kindly ask that aim to log in at 9:45 and you put your grade as part of your name on Zoom. Please use those 15 minutes to warm yourselves up for patterns and ensure your camera is switched on by 10am so that we can start promptly. Remember a warm yup should include a pulse-raiser and some dynamic stretching leading in to activity specific skills.

To read more about previous online squad sessions take a look at these links:

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Dress Code: Dobok bottoms and t-shirt with belt (you can wear a full dobok/training suit if you prefer but it isn’t required.

Payment: We understand that financially these are hard times at the moment and likely to be for sometime to come. If you are able we would be grateful of a voluntary donation (suggested £5) to support the PUMA Squad and it’s members representing PUMA in competition. All fees paid will go towards funding the squad when things get back to normal. Please do not pay prior to the session but after you have attended (just in case we fill the 100 slots and you are not able to attend etc).  Payment details available from your instructor or PUMA Head Coach Mr Lammin.

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