PUMA Squad 14 June [Review]

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By Mr P Whitlock 4th Degree

On Sunday the 14th of June the PUMA Squad delivered its third online squad session. With yet another increase in numbers of PUMA members logging into train together, we also advanced geographically as well, with members all the way from Norway also logging into train together as a team.

After Mr Lammin welcomed everyone into the zoom meeting and people up and down the country (and other countries) warmed up for a solid 2 hours of work together, we split into breakout rooms with grade specific groups to do 35 minutes of traditional work on patterns. Each coach had a group students at roughly the same grade so that the coaching could be more specific and appropriate to that grade group. For example, while colour belts are working on fundamental techniques, the higher grades can fine tune their technique, sine wave and power etc.

After 35 minutes was up we congregated back in the main room for the sparring segment of the session with Mr Pixton. Using a multitude of combinations squad members worked on reaction times and level changing, amongst others. Whilst finishing in a code = combo shadow sparring exercise to finish his segment leaving squad members a tad red faced.

After a quick drinks break, I (Mr Whitlock) took a 20 minutes looking at special techniques and plyometric training. Focussed purely on the preparation and jumping aspect, we went through each jumping or flying kick involved in the event. Finishing on an exercise to help increase our explosiveness.

Mr Swain then took the torch and raised it, along with every bodies heart rates, as we entered a 15 minute intense fitness blast. Using sparring combinations repeated in a rapid fashion for sets of 30, 20 and 10 seconds. The squad were definitely leaving the session fitter than they entered!

Whilst stretching down Mr Lammin, who had been managing and sequencing the session as a whole throughout, talked to us about our training during lockdown. We briefly discussed our limitations, but also our opportunities, and how our mindset can not only help us improve as athletes throughout this strange time, but also help keep us happy during limited contact with friends, family and of course fellow squad members.

It was fantastic to have increasing numbers and members from further a field join in the session. From a personal stand point, I believe each session has gotten better and more fluid as we all are getting used to this platform and way of delivering squad sessions.

Nothing will replace face to face coaching, but we have found and moulded a solid alternative for all of PUMA’s current and hopefully prospective squad members as more and more people join us in the zoom sessions, that may not have been to squad before. Keep it coming team. A massive thank you to all of the participants, and parents of participants that may have to sacrifice their laptop or device in the morning along with living room space as they help their children train and develop. And of course a big thank you as always to the coaches for their time and experience.

See you at the next one, on Sunday 5th July.

Mr W

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