PUMA Squad 21/3 Review

by | Mar 22, 2021 | PUMA Squad Sessions | 0 comments

By Alex Gardner. 4th kup from Nettlebed & Watlington PUMA Taekwon-Do.

I have been attending online Squad Training during lockdown and have found the sessions useful to my training and great fun! The session this week was no exception and I think it is great opportunity to learn from some of the best instructors in PUMA and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone above yellow belt. Each class is different and you learn different things from each one you do. I enjoyed the technical patterns session with Mrs Swain and working on sparring footwork with Mr Pixton. Stretching in the final session was a bit tough but I’m sure it will be useful too! Squad sessions are great fun and push you out of your comfort zone! I believe everyone should give it a go at least once. Alex Gardner

Added by Mr Swain: The PUMA Squad session on 21st March was unfortunately the final session with Mr Pixton as a coach. The turn out was a testament to the impact Mr Pixton has had on so many people throughout his competition and coaching career! The session finished with a short montage of photo’s Mr Lammin had put together celebrating Mr Pixtons journey through competitions and wider Taekwon-Do events. This combined with Mr Pixton’s parting words left everyone feeling quite emotional! His absence will definitely be felt for some time, however the coaching team is still in a strong position with Mr Lammin at the helm supported by both Mr and Mrs Swain.

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