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PUMA Black Belt Grading Results July 2021

by Mark Ogborne on 23/07/2021 in PUMA News

The latest P.U.M.A. Black Belt Grading was held in Bristol on Sunday 18th July. Congratulations to all those involved, it takes a lot of courage just to step on the grading floor! Well done to those who were successful, to those who weren't we hope you learn from the experience and we look forward to seeing you perform again in the future.

On a very very hot summers day the P.U.M.A. Black Belt Grading took place at Winterbourne Down Village Hall. With the absence of Master Gayle out due to poor health the grading panel consisted of two new examiners: world champion Miss Stacey Weatherer (5th Degree) and Iconic P.U.M.A member Ms Tiina Elise (5th Degree).

The full panel was: Master Ogborne (7th Degree), Mr Harper (6th Degree), Mr Lammin (6th Degree), Miss Weatherer and Ms Elise. Assisting with theory test were Mr Evans (5th Degree) and Miss Deakin (5th Degree); with Ms Reeve (4th Degree) organising the candidates on the day. Thank you to all of you for giving up your time.

The standard of all students was very which showed with the high pass rate, there were many notable performances from our kickboxers and Taekwon-Do students. In particular we would like to congratulate our new Taekwon-Do Master Robert Tettmar 7th Degree; achieved after 38 years of continual training, with an outstanding performance that impressed the grading panel.

I'm very much look forward to the presentation and awards night to be announced very soon!

Congratulations to all our new degree grades:

  • Kickboxing
    • Ciaran McDonald - 1st Degree
    • Neville Bond - 1st Degree
    • Iain  Forsyth - 2nd Degree
  • Taekwon-Do 1st Degree
    • Sneha Basude
    • Jenny Greenslade
    • Jonny Hogg
    • Ryan Lee
    • Megan Lockley
    • Oliver Molnar
    • Sienna Redfern
    • Sabie Suffield
    • Damian Zawislak
  • Taekwon-Do 2nd Degree
    • Keeley Clutterbuck
    • Matthew Cross
    • Bethany Williams
    • Joshua Williams
  • Taekwon-Do 3rd Degree
    • Regina Buechner
    • Honour Clutterbuck
  • Taekwon-Do 4th Degree
    • Anna Clarkson
    • Edward Colman-Roberts
  • Taekwon-Do 5th Degree
    • Matthew Lloyd
  • Taekwon-Do 7th Degree

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