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Archive for 03/2018

by Nick Evans on 30/03/2018 in Kids and Juniors Events | Junior Championships

Junior Championships - Cloing date 10th April

The closing date for the Junior Championships is fast approaching - you have until Midnight on April 10th to enter! Entry is easy go to - The download pack is available on the PUMA Events Website. Its aways a great event and lots of fun for the Juniors and Little PUMAs!

by Nick Evans on 25/03/2018 in PUMA News

New PUMA-UK Website Launched!

The new look PUMA Website has launched with improved navigation! From the site you can look up and find all the PUMA Schools - This is really useful if you are away, travelling or off to university and you want to find you nearest PUMA Instructor. The full PUMA Calendar is available as well as access to PUMA events.

by Nick Evans on 22/03/2018 in Tournaments | PUMA Seminars | PUMA Squad Sessions

3 Ways to Know when PUMA Events Are

Here are 5 ways you can be kept up to date on PUMA events - Sign up to the PUMA Events newsletter - Get notifications straight to your inbox, Like the PUMA Facebook Page and see events in your feed, Visit the PUMA Events Website, Visit the Main PUMA Website, Speak to your instructor directly in class!

by Nick Evans on 20/03/2018 in Tournaments | Fight Night

Fight Night - Battle for Brexit!

Get ready for the next PUMA Fight Night on Saturday 9th June 2018 Venue - Thornbury Leisure Centre, Alveston Hill, Thornbury BS35 3JB Time - Doors open 6 pm. Tickets - Info to follow soon...To book speak to your Instructor

by Nick Evans on 20/03/2018 in PUMA Seminars

Jang Bong (Bo) Seminar 8th April 18 - Devon

by Nick Evans on 10/03/2018 in Summer Camp

PUMA Summer Camp 2018 - 28/7 to 4/8

PUMA Summer Camp is 28th July to 4th Aug 2018 - New for 2018 a Weekend Camp, Mon-Friday and Full Week Camp available. Download your PUMA Family Summer Camp Booking Form 2018 from the PUMA Summer Camp Page on the Events Website. It will be a mix of seminars, beach training and technical for all grades, junior to adult!

by Nick Evans on 02/03/2018 in PUMA Squad Sessions

PUMA National Squad Training 18/3/18

by Nick Evans on 01/03/2018 in Tournaments | Kids and Juniors Events

PUMA Kids Spring Championships 2018

The PUMA Kids Spring Championships is on the 15th April 2018 at Thornbury Leisure Centre, Thornbury, Bristol. It is open to Little PUMAs to Juniors 4-15 years and is a great first tournament but also offer plenty of competition for the experienced juniors. As always the primary goal is for everyone to have a good time!

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