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Archive for 07/2019

by Dominic White on 19/07/2019 in PUMA Squad News | PUMA News

PUMA National Squad Training - 21st July 2019 [Extra Reminder]

An extra reminder of details for the next PUMA National squad training session this Sunday. This is the final squad session with the wonderful Mrs McColl. She has been a big part of the coaching team for over 10 years. Many of us have been thankful for her work with injuries and her great sports massages. She has been an asset to the coaching team and will be sorely missed. Especially her sense of humour. A great big thank you is definitely in order. If anybody can't attend the squad training session there will be drinks after at the Sun Inn:

by Dominic White on 16/07/2019 in PUMA Seminars | PUMA News

PUMA Masters Seminar with Master Gayle, Master Ogborne and Mr Tettmar - [Reminder]

Technical, Patterns and Sparring seminar with Master Gayle VIII, Master Ogborne VII and Mr Tettmar VI. 3 Hours of tuition from the highest grades in PUMA on Saturday 14th September

by Dominic White on 13/07/2019 in PUMA Squad Sessions | PUMA News

PUMA National Squad Training - 21st July 2019 [Reminder]

A reminder of details for the next PUMA National squad training session in July. Suitable for PUMA students of any grade over 7 years of age. Please note the venue for this one is the Oasis Leisure Centre in Swindon and it starts at 12pm NOT 10am!

by Daniel Lammin on 04/07/2019 in PUMA News | PUMA Squad News | Seminar Non-PUMA

1st ITF Coaches Conference [Review]

Mr Daniel Lammin provides a summary of his time at the First ITF Coaches Conference. 170 people, up to 8th Degree, from 5 Continents were in attendance.

by Adam Swain on 03/07/2019 in PUMA News

GB Taekwondo Fighting Chance - 22 June

Three PUMA students tested their skills at the GB Talent Selection Process for the Olympic Development Squad. Georgia Stans describes her experience of the event.

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