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Archive for 09/2019

by Nick Evans on 25/09/2019 in Fight Night

PUMA Fight 2019 [All Videos]

PUMA Fight Night 2019 - Done! What a great night on Saturday 7th Septemer 2019, here are a seclection of the videos from the night including -  Sparring Matches Ground Defence Demo Prearranged Sparring Pattern Moon-Che... Highlights Video Time Lapse of the whole evening squeezed into 6 Mins! If you missed this great night - look out for the next PUMA Fight Night and if you want to see all the videos from PUMA fight Night 2019 head over to our YouTube Channel now

by Nick Evans on 23/09/2019 in Seminar Jang Bong

PUMA Jang Bong Patterns [Videos]

All PUMA Jang Bong (Bo Staff) Patterns are now on the PUMA YouTube Channel -  Jang Bong Tulgi Jang Bong Taerigi Jang Bong Tul 1 Ilbo Jang Bong Tul 2 Ebo Jang Bong Tul 3 Sambo Jang Bong Tul 4 Sabo Jang Bong Tul 5 Ohbo Performed by Mr Daniel Ashmead IV and PUMA Jang Bong Coordinator - thank you Sir :-)

by Nick Evans on 22/09/2019 in Fight Night | PUMA Day | Seminar Jang Bong

New - PUMA YouTube Channel

Visit the new Professional Unification of Martial Arts YouTube Channel for videos related to our martial arts organisation of Taekwondo and Kickboxing. So far we've uploaded PUMA Fight Night 2019 videos and sparring matches, Jang Bong patterns and Summer Camp fottage. Keep an eye out for more.

by Adam Swain on 16/09/2019 in PUMA Seminars

GNT Tricking Seminar [Reminder]

Mr Colman-Roberts is hosting a kicking and tricking seminar with YouTube star the Ginger Ninja Trickster! Get your tickets now to ensure you don't miss out.

by Dominic White on 15/09/2019 in PUMA Seminars | PUMA News

National Technical Seminar - 22nd September 2019 [Reminder]

Your week reminder for the National Technical Seminar in Thornbury Leisure Centre with PUMAs Technical Committee on September 22nd 2019.

by Nick Evans on 08/09/2019 in Fight Night

Highlights - PUMA Fight Night 2019

Highlights video from the last PUMA Fight Night between the British Army Taekwondo Team and the PUMA Taekwondo Team on 8th Sept 2019

by Nick Evans on 08/09/2019 in Northern Championships

PUMA Northern Championships Sat 28/9/2019

The PUMA Northern Championships to be held on Saturday 28th Sept 2019 at; Parkwood Community Leisure, Thames Drive, Biddulph, Staffordshire Moorlands, ST8 7HL. This is for Little PUMAs, Juniors and Adults of all grade - come and have some fun with the PUMA Northern crew!

by Richie Cheung on 06/09/2019 in PUMA News | Summer Camp

Summer Camp 2019 [Review]

PUMA Summer Camp 2019 was held in the stunning Croyde Bay. Richie Cheung from Bath Taekwon-Do was on his first camp with his family, read his thoughts in this article.

by Dominic White on 01/09/2019 in PUMA Squad Sessions | PUMA News

PUMA National Squad Training - 8th September 2019 [Reminder]

A reminder of details for the next PUMA National squad training session in September. A good welcome back to training after the Summer Break. Note that we are back in Yate International Academy and starting at our normal time of 10am.

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