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Archive for 07/2021

by Agnes Gardner on 25/07/2021 in PUMA Seminars

Technical & Sparring Seminar with Mr Lammin

We are thrilled to announce a Technical & Sparring Seminar on Saturday, 18 September 2021, with Mr Lammin VI! It is open to ALL PUMA students yellow stripe and above. (Not Little Pumas).

by Mark Ogborne on 23/07/2021 in PUMA News

PUMA Black Belt Grading Results July 2021

The latest P.U.M.A. Black Belt Grading was held in Bristol on Sunday 18th July. Congratulations to all those involved, it takes a lot of courage just to step on the grading floor! Well done to those who were successful, to those who weren't we hope you learn from the experience and we look forward to seeing you perform again in the future.

by Emma Deakin on 21/07/2021 in PUMA Squad Sessions

PUMA Northern Area Squad is back!

PUMA Northern Area Squad returns this weekend in Chell, Stoke-on-Trent! Open to all licenced members of PUMA.

by Daniel Lammin on 12/07/2021 in PUMA Squad News

Great effort for first face to face PUMA Squad session

This Sunday saw the return of PUMA Squad Training and it was great to see students in person once more. Obviously there are still many restrictions which limited exactly what we could do but everyone who attended still seemed to enjoy the session.

by Daniel Lammin on 01/07/2021 in PUMA Squad Sessions

First in-person squad for 2021

We now have a date for our first in-person squad for 2021! Details will be emailed out to instructors and squad mailing list over the next few days. Numbers will be limited, unfortunately, so you will need to register in advance. We're really excited to see lots of you training in person again!

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