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A plan of the weeks training, preparation and seminar Instructor Bio's

Summer Camp Schedule 2018 

The full training schedule for PUMA Summer Camp has been confirmed with an exciting range of PUMA instructors.

Summer Camp Training Schedule 2018

Summer Camp Instructors & Seminars

The Masters!

Find out all about Master Gayle VIII and Master Ogborne  VII here

Master Gayle VIII

Master Gayle VIII

Master Ogborne VII

Master Ogborne VII


David Pixton V - Locks and Takedowns


Mr Pixton V

Mr Pixton V

Hello I’m Dave Pixton, I have been training in Taekwondo since 1988 and have been a black belt for 24 years. I have represent England at international competition and won 5 x world championship medals in Sparring, Patterns, Power Breaking and Special Technique.

I have a passion for all martial arts and have trained lots of other styles including Judo (black belt), Thai Boxing, Freestyle and Greco Roman Wrestling, Brazilian Jiujitsu (BJJ – blue belt), Silat, Escrima, Wing Chun, Akido. I like to say I am a student of Martial Arts, Taekwondo is my best subject.

Seminar – Principles of Locks and Takedowns

At this years summer camp I will be hoping to share some of my diverse knowledge with you. I will be teaching a session on the Sunday afternoon (subject to schedule!) and we will look at some of the basic principles of locks and takedowns. I will do this using some structured principle based approach and a fair amount of practical work.

The session itself is aimed at being as much a mental exercise as physical so for those who are new to this subject do not worry about being physically exhausted at the end of the class. By the end of the session my aim is to give you a basic understanding of the mechanics behind locking and takedown techniques and how we might consider applying them to some of them in both a self defence situation and to some of our more free-style set-sparring type exercises.

I look forward to seeing you on camp

Mr P

Nick Evans V - Function and Mobility


Mr Nick Evans V

Mr Nick Evans V

Mr Nick Evans has been training in Taekwondo for 24 years and he currently holds a 5th Degree. Alongside TKD he has practiced the Russian martial art Systema under the tutelage of international instructor Matt Hill. His martial arts are complimented by a 25 year interest in strength training and fitness which in the past 5 years has progressed to a much broader practice incorporating elements including mobility, resilience, calisthenics and breath work. Collectively he has an interest in functional, practical and safe movement. Mr Evans is passionate about movement and sharing his knowledge with everyone to help them move better.

Mr Evans runs Movewell Taekwondo based in Royal Wootton Bassett and his instructor is Master Gayle VIII. He is the PUMA Tournament Coordinator and can be found at most PUMA competitions making sure all the draws and events run to plan! His other PUMA support includes giving seminars for PUMA, managing the PUMA Events Website and for 2018 helping to organise Summer Camp

Seminar – Function and Mobility

On Summer camp this year Mr Evans will introduce some interesting ways to test and develop functional movement; share a few techniques to develop leg mobility; explain the difference between flexibility and mobility; and give an insight into training resilience. Mr Evans is looking forward to sharing a new angle on mobility which will be a great introduction and also build on Mr Evans’ previous movement seminars.

Learning to squat on Summer Camp with Mr Evans!

Louise Reeve IV - Childrens’ Self Protection at P.U.M.A .Camp


RGN, RSCN, BA (Hons), F.A.S.T. Trainer and Bullet (1st ever female certified Bulletman)
Senior Instructor Clifton and Henleaze Schools of Taekwon Do.
Started training in 1994 with Master John Black. Moved to Bristol for work and trained at the Academy.
Transferred to Yate and Master Gayle in 2000 upon learning of the formation of P.U.M.A.
I have been a proud student of Yate TKD for 18 years.
I have had the honour of being the Designated Officer for Child Safeguarding since the job was inaugurated almost 15 years ago.A competitive sparrer in the early years – now my passions are effective self defence and real training that can be accomplished by any student who wishes to learn – not just the hard core few.

Seminar – Childrens’ Self Protection at P.U.M.A .Camp

Body Language – Body Language informs the largest percentage of our communication. By looking at how we stand, walk and present ourselves to others, we can see how others may perceive us.

Understanding Bullying, and what to do about it – During this part of the course we look at what bullying looks and feels like. We examine the effects of bullying and give practical ideas about how to counter these effects.

Adrenaline and its effects – We look at the way fear causes the body to produce adrenaline, what that feels like and what we can do about it.

Safe Distances and Awareness – This section deals with the two arms length/four arms length rule.

Find your inner strength – Pad-work – During the pad-work section we gently encourage all the children to find their courage and their voice.

Portal of safety – A fun game to allow all the children to experience what has been taught on the course so far.

Cyberbullying – This section is aimed at the older group and deals with specific issues arising from texting and the Internet.

Mark McLaren IV - Aikido Experience


Mark McLaren VI

Mark McLaren VI

Mr Mark McLaren, known to hisfriends as Mak is a 4th degree black belt who trains (and occasionally teaches) in Swindon, under Master Gayle.

He has been training in martial arts for 33 years and specifically in Tae Kwon Do (TKD) for over 29 years. He is a qualified TKD umpire, referee and instructor. Mr McLaren is currently the senior referee for PUMA – duties include training & maintaining standards of tournament referees & umpires.

Mr McLaren has hosted seminars on various aspects of martial arts in general, and TKD specifically, for many years including at Summer Camp and PUMA Day.

During his 33 years training in martial arts he has practised several different style including: Tae Kwon Do, Aikido, Jeet Kune Do Kung Fu, Kali (Filipino weapons fighting), Savate (French kickboxing), Kickboxing, Lau Gar Kung Fu and Wing Chung Kung Fu. Of these, Aikido was the first martial he studied and did this for over 2 years. It had a huge impact on his mindset as a martial artist and a person; he still practice some of it’s principles to this day.

Seminar – Aikido Experience

On Summer camp we are pleased to have Mr McLaren hosting a seminar to explain what Aikido is and to practice some of it’s basic techniques and how those can be utilised in our TKD training. He is very much looking forward to sharing his knowledge and passion for martial arts with all the attendees on Camp.

Earl Jesse II - Kickboxing Pad Work


Earl Jesse KB Pic 2Mr Earl Jesse started his Martial Arts journey in the year 2001 under the supervision of Master Mark Ogborne 7th Degree TaeKwon-Do, 3 x World Heavyweight Champion. He has since then gained his 2nd Degree Black Belt in his first traditional Martial Art, TaeKwon-Do and a 2nd Degree Black Belt in the sport fighting Martial Art known as KickBoxing. As part of his main Martial Art interest, he also trains in the new, modern, innovative and realistic system of self defence known as Defence Lab: DNA Fight Science.

Competing both on an International and World Championship level, he has gained 1st position Gold in both events. He has regularly competed in Martial Arts sparring competitions all over the UK, mostly gaining Gold and Silver medals/trophies.

Mr Jesse teaches and trains in TaeKwon-Do. He also owns and runs four KickBoxing schools throughout Royal County of Berkshire and Wiltshire in the UK. He teaches both children and adults – from beginner to Black Belt. He regularly runs Martial Arts workshops and seminars, which are designed for all types of clients and age groups. From stranger awareness classes and playground bullies/street defence for young children to a full spectrum of Self Defence classes for adults.

On four separate occasions Mr Jesse has been invited to use his expertise in other countries. Twice in Ghana, Africa helping to teach & train the Armed Police Force as well as children at local city schools and orphanages in the capital city Accra. On request of Khattar family he made a trip to Zehen Health Retreat in Delhi, India to run Women’s Self Defence workshops, teach staff a variety of Martial Arts skills and work with private clients on a 1-2-1 basis. And most recently he visited Dehli Public School in Srinagar, Kashmir, India to teach a new reality-based Martial Arts system called용 전사 Yong Jeon-Sa ‘Dragon Warrior System’.

Seminar – Kick Boxing Padwork

Earl Jesse KB PicMr Jesse will be teaching a padwork session on the camp. The techniques and combinations will stem from the PUMA KickBoxing system that is taught in his schools. This will be for all ages and abilities.


Adam Swain IV - Simple Tricks for Great Patterns


MAdam Swain IVr Swain is a 4th Degree Taekwon-Do student who has been running his own schools for 3 and a half years as well as competing internationally for P.U.M.A. for 10 years. Recently he won a Silver in Patterns at the ITF European Championships. Mr Swain is also a part of P.U.M.A.s Technical Committee, with a passion for standardising and improving the technical standard throughout P.U.M.A.

Seminar – Simple Tricks for Great Patterns

In his session on summer camp Mr Swain will be sharing a number of tips for improving your pattern performance, whether for gradings or competitions. The tips have been built up over years of experience as a competitor, competition official and seminars with Masters and Grand Masters. Regardless of age, fitness levels or experience there will be things you can put into practice straight away to take your patterns to the next level.

Jennifer Swain IV - Stretching and Leg Strength


Jennifer Swain IVMrs Swain is a 4th degree black belt with numerous competition titles including: World Patterns Champion, European Patterns Champion, and in recent years 2x European Silver Medallist in 4th-6th Degree Patterns. Anyone who has seen Mrs Swain train or perform will know of her fantastic kicking ability and leg control, which is admired on the international competition circuit!

Seminar – Stretching and Leg Strength

The session will cover some basic strengthening exercises as well as plenty of stretching, both to soothe aching legs and improve flexibility. Throughout the session Mrs Swain will be helping you to build your knowledge of how and when to stretch and strengthen your legs to improve your kicking ability; which will help your patterns and sparring performances.

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